Tre Fontane beach Sicily

Tre Fontane beach Sicily

Another great day at the beach. Tre Fontane on the south coast of western sicily, not far from Mazara del Vallo and even closer to Selinunte. To be honest i’ve been here in winter when its dead, but amazingly from the months of June to September the rolling sandy beaches and crystal clear water bring  the whole coast line to life.

We arrived late on a sunday morning to find a strange mist hanging in the air. Visibilty was down to 50metres, the sun was struggling to break through the mist. Most odd…considering on the journey dow the A29 Palermo-Mazara the sun had been beating down on us. On to the beach, towels down and off to have a swim. Strangely there weren’t many in the water, but i just thought that was down to the mist, but i soon realised why ?? Cold …the water was freezing. I mean yesterday we had been on the boat in the scopello area and the water had been like a hot bath…yet today on the south coast the sicilian water was at least 12’c less. This helped explain the mist an interaction between the cold water, currents, air and the hot land all meeting on the coast. Anyway an hour later it had lifted and the sicilian sun scorched the beach.

Crystal clear water, low beach shelf (good for kids), no sharks and overall a great place.

Nice few bars along the coast, dancing lessons in the sea, evening entertainment great particularly the Insommnia bar and some good fish restaurants. Well worth a visit.

At tre fontane you can buy a deatched 2 bedroom villa right on the beach for 120,000 euros. Great for summer, but unfortunately in winter the place is very quiet. Ideal if you want to get away during the summer months but not a great rental return during winter….I think its better to buy on the north coast.

Tourists ??? lots of local sicilians, met a few english speaking tourists, mainly in the sicilian holiday residence camps and many day visitors. If you are visiting Selinunte i would recomeend a half day trip to tre fontane.

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