Salemi Sicily on US TV

Salemi in Sicily has recently been documented on TV in the states. I have been told that it was on PRI program, the world and ona channel called NPR.
If anyone out there can send me details of these channels so i can contact them for a copy of their documentary it would be much appreciate.
In answer to many of your emails and questions about Salemi Sicily and how to buy a house in Sicily Italy many are covered in the MIPC forum

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Salemi 1 euro house Sicily

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In answer to Greyling from Redmond, WA who asked the following questions:

Briefly in answer to your questions:

On average, how large are these homes – how many square metres each?

They are currently ruins and need completly rebuilding, average size will be from 70 -100sqm

Is it possible to choose property with the best view, easiest street access, least damage or other attributes?

Allocation details have not yet been released, there are rumours of auctions, preference to cultural/artistic applicants and people who will live here…the objective is to have a buzzing community not a ghost town.

Can the purchaser get a written guarantee of the “thousand euros per square metre” repair pricing?

Building contracts come with price guarantees. The final price is to be determined obviously.

What rules are in place to prevent price gouging from local builders?

The council may appoint large contractors on fixed prices.

What, if any, is the penalty for failure to complete restoration within the two-year limit?

This is more a commitment to complete rather than a deadline. The council don’t want people sitting on land and not completing the restoration.

Is it possible for me, a U.S. citizen, to fully own such a house?

Yes US citizens can fully owna house in Italy. No problem.

If so, how does ownership affect my visa and/or immigration status in Sicily?

Best to ask your consulate that 1.

Would I be able to live in my Salemi home for extended periods, or would I be subject to regular visitor status regardless of owning Sicilian property?

Yes the council want people to live here. Re visas ask consulate.

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