Salemi sicily apply 1 euro house

Salemi Sicily 1 euro house.

Yesterday further to the transmission on CBS about Salemi Sicily, the MIPC website servers got pretty hot, started smoking and then crashed.

The MIPC web team have been working over night, sorted out the problems and now the MIPC website is back on line.

So now to complete the application for the 1 euro house in Salemi. Click through to Salemi 1 Euro house and submit your details.

Thanks for your patience. Ciao David.

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    Deborah Lembo // March 19th, 2009 at 12:44 am

    Buono Sera David,
    I have just seen the CBS Morning program I taped and learned about the rebuilding of historic Salemi, Sicily. I have great interest in Italy and would love to learn more about acquiring a home to rebuild there. Understanding the cost of approximately 1000 per sq. meter, I’m curious as to the size of the homes to be restored and what the overall cost in the end will be. (Could be in Euros and I will convert to US dollars) I have a construction background and a brother who is an accomplished Interior Designer. This would be a project most rewarding and our passion for Italy and owning a home there is a dream come true.
    I look forward to obtaining more information on how to proceed.
    Many thanks.
    Deborah Lembo

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