Petrol Strike Italy : Car hire Italy : Italy petrol station

Petrol Strike Italy 08/11/2011 – 11/11/2011 : Car hire Italy : Italy petrol station

Update Nov 2011 : another petrol strike in Italy from today 8/11/11 from 19:30 till 11/11/11 at 07:00 if you are travel in Italy and have a car hire italy then plan holiday italy accordingly.


Holiday in Italy this week. Hired a car ? Please note that there is a national 2 day petrol strike in Italy this Wednesday 8th July and Thursday 9th July, which means that as from Tuesday 7th evening 19:30 till Thursday evening same time you cannot get petrol.

In Sicily the Italian petrol strike is for 3 days as it starts a day earlier. So go and get some petrol now.

For those returning a hire car in Italy during that period it may mean you cannot return the Italian car hire full and you will be charged excessive rates from the Italian hire car firm for not returning the car full of petrol.

Need to hire a car in Italy MIPC recommend Hertz

How to get petrol in Italy.

Italian petrol stations generally are open from 8am – 1pm and re-open 3pm to 7:30pm. In southern Italy the lunchtime break can be longer.

Most petrol stations when closed offer a self service cash/credit card dispenser system. Goto the cash machine generally positioned in the middle of the pumps. Insert your cash or card, confirm the value and press the button which relates to the number of the pump you wish to use. Confirm for a receipt if you need one. Proceed to the pump, the value of the petrol you paid for should be displayed on the pump, dispense your petrol, put the petrol pump back in position. Receipts issued from the cash machine when you’ve finished.

Didn’t use all the petrol you paid for ? A receipt with the credit will be issued from the machine. Cash it in at any similar petrol station when they are open.

Most smaller garages do not operate self service, so be patient as the attendant fills your car in the traditional manner and ask him to clean your windows at the same time Larger, city, motorway stations operate self service. Most petrol stations take credit cards.

Make sure you select the correct type of petrol for your car !!!!

Learn Italian :

Unleaded Petrol : Benzina senza piombo

Diesel : Gasolio

Full tank please : Pieno per favore

Have a good journey : Buon viaggio

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