NFL Superbowl 43 Arizona Cardinals v Pittsburgh Steelers

NFL Superbowl 43 Arizona Cardinals v Pittsburgh Steelers

In Italy the American game of football superbowl is not played very regulary, the national passion is for soccer, though tonight 7 hours behind Tampa Bay in Florida some Italians will be having a late night.

Kurt Warner of the Arizona Cardinals has just been awarded the Walter Payton NFL man of the year 2009. With Bruce Springsteen entertaining at half time will the Pittsburgh Steelers be singing with the Boss or studying football tactics.

Televised on NBC tune in its the most important event in the American sports calendar.

Arizona Cardinals have won the toss, come on the Cards. And the latest result is 3-0 to the Steelers.


Watch the Steelers beat the Cardinals in Superbowl XLIII

“because the Steelers have gone bird hunting…    “

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    Wildlife in India // February 18th, 2009 at 8:05 am

    Arizona is adventures place…….I also like these type of places…..

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