Eluana has died. Italian Senate too late.

Eluana died or killed ?
In Italy a young girl called Eluana Englaro had a car crash in 1992, since when she has remained in a como. She is now 38. Her father Beppino Englaro has been battling with the courts in Italy to let his daughter die since 1999, insisting it was her wish, as she did not want to be kept alive artificially.
Today the Italian senate was due to debate an emergency government decree to stop doctors withdrawing life support from a woman in a permanent vegative state.
PM Silvio Berlusconi drafted the decree last week, but President Giorgio Napolitano has refused to sign it.
Protests from both sides manifesting that the state can’t change the constitution and others protesting to save Eluana will now unfortunately for Eluana be posthumous.

Read this interesting article discussing the ethics by Angel Rodríguez Luño

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