Boat hire Scopello Zingaro Sicily

Boat hire Scopello Zingaro

Just spent a great day on the  Mediterranean sea on a hired boat…drove out of the marina Castellammare del Golfo, raced across the sea (bit choppy), moored up on the scopello coast and later anchored in a bay in the zingaro reserve and we all dived off the boat in and out in the sea….don’t forget your snorkels…sub acqua scopello good….so i just wanted to explain how easy it is for you too to be part of the jet set cruising along the water on your boat without a boat licence.

Location : Castellammare del Golfo

Destination : Scopello/Zingaro coast. Recently compared to Capri for its natural beauty and crystal clear waters.

Equipment : boat, driver, a few nice girls, swimming costume, snorkel, life jackets,suntan lotion.

How ?? Easy. Drive down to the port (porto) of Castellammare near the Norman castle. Turn right and follow the port road and you come across a few boat hire firms next to the marina. Best one is on the right just before the first restaurant. Look for the sign “Nautiservice”. You should find Antonio sat at his desk, sunbathing, he’s the guy who will hire you a 5 metre boat for 100 euros for a full day and if your short of time and can negotiate in italian 50 euros for a half day. Free parking on the marina, ask Antonio where. Leave your car, sign the boat hire contract (small print says you are liable for any damage), pay cash (no credit card excess charges…this is easier than car hire), leave them a  document (driving licence ok) and in 5 minutes you can all be boarding a small 5 metre decent boat with 40HP parked in the Castellamare marina. Hopefully one of you is brave enough to drive. Be careful it looks easy, but driving response is slow in the water. Best bet is to go SLOWLY.

Without a boat licence you can drive a boat with a motor upto 40 horse power, thats fast enough for any beginner.

The 5 metre boats can easily accommodate 6 people and driver, swimming gear & life jackets (under the seats).

Boat speed controls (quick lesson): Horizontal is neutral, on gear/speed stick hold button and then  push forward to 1st gear or pull down for 1st gear reverse. The speed stick should not go beyond 1st gear (whilst in the marina). Need to stop !!! Use reverse to break. Sounds easy but it ISN’T. Hopefully you’ll make it out of the marina without creating any damage. Just to be safe tell your passengers to ready to push your boat away from other boats to stop any collisions.

Once beyond the Castellamare marina open the throttle for full speed ahead. Keep an eye on the waves you wouldn’t want to capsize. Keep 150 metres away from the bay or you may hit swimmers, go slowly near bathers if mooring and yes if you have another boat coming towards you…i think the rule of the sea is keep the oncoming boats on your right ? Is that correct ?

Anchoring in a bay looks easier than it is. Firstly observe how other boats are parked, which direction their anchor cord is positioned in relation to the boat. If your the first to anchor…remember your boat will drift with the current, so you need to throw the anchor upcurrent and take into consideration the depth of the water and subsequent length of the cord. Easy..Turn off the motor !!…Dive in and out from the boat..fantastic. Removing the anchor is a little more difficult. You need to drive forward to release the anchor, stop and then pull in the anchor.

Returning from your days fun… you need to top up the petrol to return the tank full. A full tank took us from Castellammare all the way to San Vito lo Capo, where we once again topped up for the return journey to Castellammare.

Getting petrol is not easy. Pull up the boat on the side of the water side petrol station…there can be queues in the water and this can be difficult to coordinate…good luck…Once its your turn, the petrol assistanct will hand you the extra long petrol pump. Petrol tank under the seat..remove cap..full up…fix cap back…hand bank pump to…and drive off again. SLOWLY.

Parking in the marina is like parking a car for the first time in a supermarket carpark. Go slowly unlessyour an expert.

This boating looks easy…and it is…today was my second time and parked the boat in the marina perfectly…drove into the marina row…braked by putting motor in reverse… stopped and then into reverse again and moored the boat perfectly.

For pre bookings to ensure you get the boat EMAIL MIPC (at top of this page) and we will book it for you.

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  1. 1
    Francesco Lo Piccolo // September 4th, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    I have some land in Carini Sicily about 50000 meters . the land has a panorama view of the golf of Cairni and the old town . It is 1000 meters from the road and is some what high and has Terrances of land . I am thinking of putting it up for sale and buying a small something in Scoppello or near it . can you help.

  2. 2
    mipc // October 15th, 2009 at 12:44 pm

    Francesco MIPC staff have emailed you directly. Thanks for your enquiry.

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