Bill Gates Salemi Mi PC Italian property in Sicily

Bill Gates Salemi Mi PC

Salemi is back in the news as Vittorio Sgarbi the mayor announced today that Bill Gates Microsoft millionaire has shown interest to buy a house in Sicily,  purchasing a “block” of 1 euro houses in Salemi for “social” uses.

Bill Gates is reported be visiting Salemi this August. Gates supports Sgarbi’s campaign against wind turbines which are sprouting up on the horizons across sicily and has been recently reported in the Financial Times.

Gates financial support towards Sgarbi’s campaign was rejected and an agreement for Gates to finance pubblicity campaigns using airplane banners promoting “Come Salemi tutta la Sicilia” translated as “Like Salemi all of Sicily” has been reported as agreed.

What with rumours of Peter Gabriel, Bill Gates, and some Italian celebrities it looks like a busy and interesting summer here in Salemi. Are you are planning to visit Salemi, Sicily ? If so MIPC has some beautiful seaside villas in sicily to rent…contact MIPC for further details.

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